31 Jul 2016

Dozens Games, Animations and Film by Tel-U DKV Student Exhibited in Grapari Telkomsel Dago

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Students from Visual Communication Design School of Creative Industries Telkom University (DKV FIK Tel-U) held an exhibition of TA Multimedia. This exhibition was housed in Digilife Grapari Telkomsel Dago, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda no. 252 Bandung, began from 28 until 30 July 2016.

This annual event with took theme “Ensiklomedia” exhibited 23 Games & Animations and Films. These works were displayed and shown to be enjoyed by Telkomsel visitors.

Dean of FIK, Dr Agus Achmad Suhendra said each day there will be three categories of films that will be screened. The first day was documentaries, semifiction movie on second day, and the last day would be the fiction films screened. In addition, visitors can try to play the games and watch the animation by students.

“It’s a fun thing for Telkomsel, the customers can enjoy watching movie or playing the games while waiting for their turn,” said Agus.

Agus told, on the first day Grapari Telkomsel Dago welcomed the elementary school children which was representatives of ASEAN countries. This made the exhibition became the main program in Telkomsel. “The children provided a large screen to enjoy watching the movies by Tel-U students,” he said.

Agus added that this event could be a lesson for students who are on the last semester to enter into the professional world and try to commercialize their works. “This event will be a barometer of how much the public can appreciate the work of the students,” he said.

In addition, said Agus, the exhibition was expected to attract the investors to publish student work. “There are some games that are ready to be published, then now looking for investors,” he said. (Purel / aw)

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