25 Nov 2016

Eco-Friendly Home: Masterpiece of SCI’s Student Crowned as Champion

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Three students of Interior Design Telkom University School of Creative Industries (DI SCI Tel-U) managed to become a champion in Confest 3rd National Design Competition 2016 organized by the Student Association of Civil Engineering University of Bangka Belitung at the 7-11 November 2016 ago.

The theme “Eco-Friendly Home Based Local Wisdom” This event aims to enhance the creativity of the participants to create an environmentally friendly residential concept and preserve local wisdom that exists in Indonesia.

With a name consisting 13Tim Andi Hermawan, Rizkida Aldino, and M. Hafiz Hussain Ahmad and one supervisor namely Nur Sheha, they won a fist place by making the concept named “Life and Live House”.

According to Andi, Life & live house is a house neovernacular that can give a longing for the comfort (historical memories) stayed in the traditional natural beauty without having to lose his footing going facilities and lifestyle of today are apply in representational and intangible metaphoric.

“We take comfort aspects of culture and occupancy are used by the traditional house of Bangka Belitung that type of stage as well as the type of Malay houses,” he said, Thursday (17/11).

Through the process about one month, Andi explains the idea of the concept is complete the look of phenomena that exist around the start of the phenomena of nature and social conditions of the community. “We see a natural phenomenon or the environment and social conditions and then combining the local knowledge of local areas and the implementation of waste utilization system. So it can be combined and become the design concept homes that we made” he said.

Designing homes that are environmentally friendly, Andi explained that the concept is in compliance with local building regulations. “We designed the residence with local lift culture but can still adapt to the surrounding environment so as to endure from time to time,” said Andi.

Using material which is easily available and is a natural resource that can still found, Andi said that the concept of homemade already very environmentally friendly because minimising the use of electricity such as air conditioning and lighting during the day and this house already has a wastewater treatment system.

“We designed this house with natural lighting and air circulation is good, but it is also our wastewater treatment system designed so as to present an environmentally friendly home comfortable and healthy for its occupants,” he said.

From this championship Andy expects young people to create the latest innovations in the field of building or residence, which houses a friendly environment without damaging the surrounding environment. “Also answering the times is to create a young generation that can compete for advance the nation in the field of construction or architecture that are environmentally friendly,” he said. (PR / AW)

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