06 Mar 2017

Education Department of West Java: Telkom University Potentially as Public Education Research Center

Bandung, Telkom University – As a private university located in the Kopertis IV area, Telkom University certainly has a role in supporting the quality of education services in West Java. Some achievements such as accreditation from BAN-PT and a modern library named Open Library lead Telkom University into beneficial university and society. Education Department of West Java province on Friday (03.03.17) visited Telkom University, this visit was warmly welcomed by the School of Communication and Business (FKB) as a faculty representative to introduce the learning facilities in Telkom University.

Once all the guests accompanied by several lecturers from FKB to walk Telkom University facilities, such as libraries Open Library, Lab. Photography, Lab. Broadcast (TV and Radio), also Lab. Post Production in Intata and Manterawu building.

“We are happy to visit Telkom University, I was so attracted to the facilities here, and also visit Lab Broadcast and TV, I feel like reporter, “said the Head of Curriculum and Student Affairs Section PK-PLK Disdik Jabar, Dra. Hj. Ester Miory Dewayani, M.M.Pd.

Head of the Development of Regional Languages and the Arts (BPBDK) Education Department of West Java Province, Drs.H. Husen R. Hasan, M. Pd Telkom University revealed that Telkom University potentially as a general learning center in West Java at the future.

“Telkom University can be assigned as competence place. We want teachers as early as possible accustomed to doing research. Soon, we will assign Telkom University as research center for public education in west Java. “

At the end of the visit, Husen delivered some suggestions for Telkom University to facilitate teachers and students, especially in West Java through general training such as communication skill.

“In the future, Teachers and students may be collaborate with Telkom University and learn many things on this campus. We expected that some training such as public speaking so that could help us in learning activities “lit Husen.

Adnan Abdullah

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