27 Nov 2015

Eighty Students of Telkom University Acquired Cumlaude Predicate

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Telkom University (Tel-U) held a graduation ceremony for the umpteenth time. This time the Senate Session Graduation Period I – Academic Year 2015/2016 which took place at Telkom University Convention Hall, Tel-U graduated 1,439 graduand from 27 study program. Eighty of them acquired Cumlaude predicate.

Eightieth graduates came from various faculties. There are 13 persons from Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FTI), 4 persons from Faculty of Engineering Industry (FRI), 7 persons from Faculty of Informatics (FIF), 19 persons from Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), 9 persons from Faculty of Communication and Business (FKB), 9 persons from Faculty of Creative Industries (FIK), and 19 persons from Faculty of Applied Sciences (FIT).

“After formally implement the inauguration ceremony, you will join the big family of alumni Telkom University which today the number had reached 31.966 people,” said Rector of Tel-U, Prof. Ir Mochamad Ashari, M Eng, Ph D, Friday (27 / 11) morning.

Besides Indonesia, the alumni of Telkom University spread over 24 countries, such as the United States, Australia, Belgium, Brunei Darussalam, China, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, France, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand new, Singapore, Timor Leste, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Uzbekhistan, and Vietnam.

“Wherever you work, we are all convinced that the knowledge you have acquired during study period will be a provision which is very useful for your future,” said Rector.

Graduation was held for two days. On the first day was attended by 611 graduates, while on the next day, Saturday (28/11), will be attended by 828 graduates. (Purel / raf)

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