10 Aug 2021

Energy Processing Becomes Telkom University’s Excellence

BANDUNG, Telkom University – As a university with an excellent predicate in waste management, Telkom University will become an excellent university according to the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings in 2021.

In the ranking given based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) determined by the United Nations (UN), Telkom University has advantages in Affordable and clean energy, and places Telkom University in 7th place in the world and first in the world. Indonesia based on the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings in 2021.

Based on the success of Telkom University in managing the campus environment, making Telkom University ranked 18th in the world and ranked 3rd in Indonesia for clean water and sanitation (Access to clean water and sanitation), Telkom University also managed to reach a rank of 301-400. For Industry, innovation, and infrastructure, and a rating of 101-200 for Partnerships for 2021 goals.

The four advantages of Telkom University in processing Telkom University’s resources and environment cannot be separated from the role of the Telkom University academic community who continue to be committed to creating a comfortable environment to support teaching and learning process.

“Our efforts to create a comfortable campus environment that maintains the principles of Sustainability are Tel-U’s commitment to the surrounding environment, so that it can produce a beautiful campus atmosphere.” Said Vice Chancellor II for Resources for Telkom University, Andijoko Tjahjono.

Rector of Telkom University, Prof.Dr. Adiwijaya said that Telkom University’s commitment to be a role model in realizing the SDGs in Indonesia was in line with Tel-U’s goal of providing the best for the people of Indonesia and the world.

“To continue to develop the SDGs at Telkom University, we continue to encourage researchers at Tel-U to collaborate both between fields of science and between educational institutions and industry, to produce innovations that can advance the Indonesian nation and benefit society. “He explained.

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