In 2017, the UI GreenMetric Ranking determined that Telkom University experienced a significant increase, increasing 2 places from 11th in 2016 to 9th in 2017 for National rankings and 182nd places for International rankings. This increase in ranking makes Telkom University even more enthusiastic to continue to improve itself to create a campus that cares about the environment.



  1.      Tayo’s Car (Wara Wiri Kampus)

To reduce the number of vehicles passing on the Telkom University campus area, an interesting policy was made namely wara wiri services or commonly called tayo cars. The services provided by Telkomedika help students to move from one lecture building to another. One Tayo car can carry 12 people including 1 driver. The procurement of this Tayo car service was realized at the end of 2018 by stopping the School Of Electrical Engineering, Canteen, and K Building. Tayo only stops in certain places. Until now, the student favorite destinations are the canteen and lecture building.

  1.     oBike

In addition to the procurement of Tayo cars, in managing an environmentally friendly campus, Telkom University collaborates with oBike International regarding the GreenMetric collaboration program in the field of Environmentally Friendly Transportation to provide carbon-free and environmentally friendly transportation facilities. Only by spending 50,000 rupiahs, oBike can be used for a full month. Besides walking, oBike can be an option of transportation to the lecture place. This facility, which can only be used on campus is rented out by buying a voucher at the canteen cashier or directly through the application. The steps as followed: Download the oBike Apps from the Appstore or Google Play store – Top-up the balances or buy monthly members – After registering in the oBike application, Press the UNLOCK button and scan the QR code on the bike (Bluetooth must be on) – The lock on the bike will open – Enjoy oBike! Get a special discount specifically for the first 200 members.

  1.     Waste Management

Garbage is a common problem that concerns university managers. Currently, Telkom University uses one of the environmental and energy-based waste management innovations from Bandung Techno Park Telkom University, namely a solair incinerator waste processing machine that runs on diesel and water. The BTP incinerator uses three treatment processes to neutralize toxins and smoke from combustion so that the result of the burning waste is only hot air which is no longer harmful to the environment.

  1.     Biopori Making

Areas that are prone to flooding have made Telkom University rack their brains to make land own high absorption land. One way to overcome this problem is to make bio pores, which are small holes that are made as water catchments. This bio pure is made with the aim that rainwater quickly seeps into the soil and can increase groundwater reserves in the campus environment. Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya instructed the Logistics Directorate as the manager of the Telkom University area to make as many bio pores as possible in all parks and open areas.

  1.     Workshop

On 19-20 September 2018, the “2018 UI GreenMetric National Workshop and the National Seminar on Sustainable Environmental Management” were held at the Sepuluh November Institute of Technology. On this occasion, the Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya was appointed and given the honor to be a resource person in conveying about Waste Management at Telkom University. In the seminar, the participants’ enthusiasm was very good, so that many questions were submitted to the Rector of Telkom University.