10 Mar 2016

FIK Interior Design students Participated Exhibition in Cologne Germany

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Interior Design Student Telkom Faculty of Creative Industries University (ID FIK Tel-U) compete back in the international arena. The Olympic Chair by Muhammad Alfatha Kurniadi exhibited at International Furniture Messe (IMM) in Cologne Germany on 18-24 January 2016.

IMM Cologne is one of the largest furniture exhibition in Europe. A wide variety innovative products of furniture and design displayed here.

Alfatha able to participate at IMM Cologne because of his participation at Rattan Design Development Workshop organized by the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia through the National Rattan Innovation Centre (PIRNAS) on September 2015 in Sidoarjo, East Java. The workshop was only attended by 20 participants from various universities and rattan craftsmen which get an invitation from PIRNAS.

In the workshop, Alfatha along with 19 other participants provided a training and making furniture designs within one week. “In the workshop, we were given the simplest case that is a return to basic form. Since I prefer something simple, then I make 6 pieces of circles in various sizes of rattan and then joint them into a chair, “said Alfatha.

Of many designs produced in the workshop, there was five designs selected and it would be exhibited at IMM Cologne to represent PIRNAS. The Olympic Chair by Alfatha become one of fifth selected designs.

A devotion of rattan lead Alfatha achieved many accomplishments. Before the IMM Cologne, Alfatha been awarded as The Best Design of the Bravacasa category Furniture on July 2015. From this Bravacas award, he received an invitation to attend Rattan Design Workshop Development then lead him to attend the IMM Cologne.

“I’m familiar with rattan because the furniture at my house mostly made from rattan,” said Alfatha. However he just realized that rattan has so much great potential while he attended college.

Alfatha saw a lot of furniture made of rattan are still seen as cheap. From that point, Alfatha look another side, he has special mission to raise the Indonesia rattan. “I want rattan to be my identity and passion, and then I want to have an impact through rattan,” he said. (Purel / EAD)

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