01 Sep 2016

FIT Robot Team Bring Home Gold Medal!

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Robot Team from School of Applied Sciences Telkom University (FIT Tel-U) brought home the gold medal and the name of Indonesia in the arena of World Robot Games (WRG) 2016 which was held in Lembang Asri Resort Bandung, Wednesday-Thursday (24 – 26 August).

Entitled “Disaster Recovery, Search & Rescue” WRG 2016 is an annual international robotics competition for all ages with categories of juniors, seniors and professionals, to promote science, technology, and innovation.

WRG 2016 is the second year after the first launched on 2015. By category Sumo Robot, Line tracing, Fire Fighting, Underwater Robot, Search & Rescue, and Innovative, the event was attended by five countries in ASEAN such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam. Indonesia came with 500 participants and one of them was Robotic SAS Team Tel-U for senior level.

SAS robotic team FIT Tel-U consisting Ryan Febriansyah (D3 Telecommunication Engineering) and Megatari Wahyu Ningrum Handani (D3 Computer Engineering) incised achievements in the category of underwater robots.

Ryan told the robot that made it work like a submarine, which can move objects under water from one point to another.

“So the race provided L-shaped aquarium, and we asked to move objects from one point to another with a few obstacles in the allotted time,” Ryan said when met at FIT building, Wednesday (31/8).

After successfully overcome various obstacles, Tel-U team finally assigned as the 1 and 2 winner followed by Thailand’s senior category underwater robot as the 3rd position.

“I am proud to be on the podium and make Tel-U proud and even more could bring the name of Indonesia because Indonesia won 1 and 2 position in which the unbeatable champion of robotic community in Indonesia and the third was from Thailand,” said Ryan.

Lecturer and adviser of SAS robotic Sani M. Ikhsan, S.T, MT, said the robot has been made since 2011 and has won competitions both national and international. “Through his experience and continued development of this robot eventually won the gold medals of international level” said Ikhsan.

Meanwhile, according to Simon Siregar, S Si, MT, other adviser, said underwater robots deserve to be champions for easy maneuvering. “This robot superiority in maneuver and we will continue to develop further in order to continue to participate in international competition,” said Ikhsan. (Purel / aw)

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