29 Jun 2020

FKB Webinar Series: “Let’s Become Content Creators, Not Only Subscriber”

Bandung, Telkom University – Every Telkom University student in the digital age is required to be a Creator so that each student body can independently produce creative work in any field. To hone these characteristics, the Faculty of Communication and Business (FKB) held a Webinar Series entitled “Let’s Become a Content Creator, Not a Subscriber” on Monday (29/6).

In this episode’s webinar, the speaker who attended was Oki Ahmad Ismail, S. Sos., M.Sc. and moderator I Gayes Mahestu, S.S., M.I.Kom. Both of them are lecturers of Communication Studies, FKB, Telkom University. The audience who was present was open to the public, but specifically for students and prospective students.

Oki explained that Indonesia has the potential to become a global center of content creators. “Indonesia in the digital era is not only a potential consumer but also a powerhouse (a reliable creator) for the global digital economy.” said Oki.

It can be seen from the data collected from Hootsuite, explaining that internet penetration in Indonesia has reached 64%. The biggest users are young people, and the concentration will continue to increase. The data is an opportunity for anyone who can use it to become a profit or benefit.

Indonesian people have such high attention on social media. There is a lot of new creator content popping up every day, especially  Youtube, as the most popular social media in Indonesia.

To be able to compete with other content creators, we need to learn accurate marketing strategies. In the Communication Studies program at Telkom University, there is what is known as Marketing Communication. In short, Marketing Communication is a means used to inform, persuade, and remind consumers, both directly and indirectly, about the products or services sold (in this content).

Oki also explained that there are several competencies that a new content creator needs to have, especially on the YouTube video sharing platform.

“Among them is the name of the channel that is interesting and easy to remember, the content presented is consistent both in a topic and upload time, can collaborate with other creators, unique and different from other creators. Do not forget to start learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimization from the uploaded video metadata. It would make it easier for viewers to search. ” Oki explained.

SEO metadata optimization on YouTube content is to make the keywords, description, use of keyword-targeted hashtags. A simple example, if you want to make a cooking video guide. The keywords are not just “Cooking Tutorials” it would be better if it is more specific like “Tutorials for Cooking Indonesian Typical Fried Rice” for example.

“I advised the colleague, to be able to create useful content and provide inspiration for your content audience. So that we contribute positive content to the virtual universe, “Oki hoped.

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