28 Aug 2017

Food Truck Angkringan, Grabbed Nominee as Best Design at Indonesia Good Design Selection 2017

Bandung, Telkom University – IGDS (Indonesia Good Design Selection) is the selection of Good Design for Indonesian products organized by the Ministry of Industry Republic of Indonesia, this competition is aimed at increasing the appreciation of the design and public confidence in the quality of Indonesian products. This activity is part of a strategic step in efforts to raise public awareness of design, spur creative and innovative efforts of quality design products, and enhance the image of Indonesian products that are highly competitive and have better bargaining value in local and international markets.

In general, an angkringan place using carts as the vehicl. In the planning of don design of this Transportation Interior, where Angkringan meal will be designed with the concept of Food Truck. The distinctive Angkringan cart design and other typical angkringan items also apply to the Food Truck transportation design. So that the characteristic of Angkringan can be reflected as Food Truck style.

Angkringan Food Truck is a collaborative work of 2 designers, Rangga Firmansyah S.Sn M.Sc (lecturer of Interior Design Department, School of Creative Industry) & Ilham Muhammad Zein (Interior Design Program, Creative Industries, 2013). The initial idea of design -Angkringan-Food Truck begins with the assignment of Transportation Design Course which is tested in even semesters as one of the subjects of the new Interior Design Study option offered in the academic year 2016/2017. Of the hundreds of works that entered the 2015 IGDS competition, Alhamdulillah Telkom University representatives get the Nomine of Indonesia Good Design Award Design Selection Best Indonesia 2017 Product Category Concepts & Innovations, for the category of Transportation Design.

Hopefully with the selection of design work -Angkringan-food truck in IGDS 2017 competition can give role to certain university & industry relation to improve curriculum relevance, support entrepreneurship and assist technological development, as a form of vision & mission to become a world-class university that play an active role in the development of science and information technology-based arts.

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