11 Feb 2021

Foster Research and Innovation in Indonesia and Malaysia

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University through the International Class Academic Office (ICAO) organized an international forum, between Telkom University (Tel-U) and Multimedia Universiti Malaysia (MMU). Where in this forum the theme to be discussed is “Empowering Research and Innovation in Higher Education to Promote Economic Growth of Indonesia and Malaysia”.

The event took place online through Zoom and broadcast on the Telkom University youtube channel, on Thursday (11/2). the speakers who attended were Prof. Maman Abdurohman as Director of Bandung Technopark Telkom University and Prof. Hairul Azhar Abdul-Rashid as Vice President of Research and Innovation MMU.

Guided by moderator Dr. Ira Wirasari as Manager of ICAO Telkom University, Prof. Maman in his presentation explained that Telkom University has a mission to become a research and entrepreneurial university that is beneficial to society.

“From this goal, Telkom University through BTP (Bandung Techno Park) can produce a variety of innovations that are ready to be commercialized and utilized by the public.” He explained.

Prof., Maman explained that the function of BTP itself is to produce a technology-based sustainable innovation, besides that in BTP it is also able to produce startups whose benefits are now being felt by the community and through BTP also the results of Telkom University research can be commercialized so that they can growing the nation’s economy.

“Tel-U as an ICT-based university with the presence of BTP here is a bridge between educational institutions in the field of ICT and the world of the industry so that the results of research ideas from Telkom University can be developed here to be managed and processed into an innovation so that it can be commercialized. . ” He explained.

Telkom University currently has an Entrepreneurship Work Ready Program for both undergraduate and diploma students. Maman explained that through this program students from the first semester to the 6th semester will be prepared by the faculty and study programs to have entrepreneurial skills.

“Until later in the 7th semester until the students’ ideas are finished, they can be expressed in BTP to continue to be developed into a business idea to produce a startup.” Said Prof. Maman.

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