28 Oct 2015

Getting Involved in Organization Will Encourage Students Potential

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Embedding leadership character as students capacity is one important aspect. Be a leader for self is fundamental to lead an organization or community. For that reason, BEM FKB Tel-U through Resources and Development Department held a Student Leadership Training and Basic Oranization (LKKD) 2015.

Entittled “Nationalism”, this event held in the Hall of Kawasulu Building 4th floor FKB, Sunday (4/10). More than 100 student class of 2015 from Faculty of Business Communication Tel-U participated in this activity.

Head of Student Affairs FKB, Yuliani Rachma Putri said, most of students think that by joining the organization could negatively impact to their score. “And if it is set in a balanced way, following the organization will have a positive impact for students,” he said.

According to Yuli, LKKD activity is expected to give a good motivation, so that new students can be more open-minded. “Students should be more useful, academically still running, well organized way, so they can explore the potential that exists inside themself,” said Yuli.

Chairman of LKKD 2015, Lastri Anggi Fani explained that the objective of LKKD is to introduce the student organization (Ormawa), especially in FKB. By doing so, the new students encourage to be more active in campus activities.

“We hope, the information which provide on this event can be delivered, then leadership traits can be implemented in their daily lives,” he said. (purel / EAD)

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