17 Dec 2015

Global Village 2015 Enlivened Car Free Night

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Communication Sciences Study Program Faculty of Communication and Business Telkom University (FKB Ikom Tel-U) 2013 held a Global Village. The event was held by class of 2013 entitled Global Village 2015 in Car Free Night (CFN) Jalan Asia Afrika Bandung, Saturday (12/12).

Global Village itself is an annual event which organized by students of Marketing Communication (Markom). The event took place from 6.00 pm or exactly when Asia Africa Street closed. Global Village was located in the parking lot the office of Pikiran Rakyat Daily Newspaper.

The Art show featuring both traditional and modern culture was enlivened by the appearance of students and lecturers IKOM 2013. Ranging from the theater, dance, music and culture of each area.

The cultural diversity which is displayed from Yogyakarta, Bali, South Sulawesi, Jakarta and West Sumatra. For the opening, Yogyakarta culture showed off traditional dances and a series of singers and music participated on it.

The CFN visitors very enthusiastic with the event, it proved to be crowded atmosphere of the venue as each area featuring art culture. “Hopefully with this event regrow our love towards Indonesian culture which is start to fade among teens,” said Arie Prasad, a faculty adviser. (purel / AW)

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