09 Oct 2015

Harvesting More Achievement, FRI Continues the Improvement

BANDUNG, TEL-U- Obtain achievements in this year did not make the Faculty of Engineering Industry (FRI) Tel-U satisfied yet. FRI determined to continue reorganize themselves so that the performance will be increasing.

“This year FRI predicate as best faculty, best study program, achieving the most highest Management Contract achievements of students and faculty, the most productive writing ISBN Textbook and achievement of highest percentage completion of in time period graduation, and the achievement of highest feedback percentage of teaching satisfaction, “said the Head of Student Affairs and International Class, Taufik Nur Adi Kom, MT, Friday (25/9).
In the field of student affairs, FRI is working on early development program for students who actively participate in the competition. Information Systems and Industrial Engineering study program are currently running a pilot project application Student Centered Learning to make students much more active in the lecture. According to Taufik, there are special classes are provided for the implementation of this SCL. FRI also tried to continue to improve the productivity of faculty research, and collaborating faculty-group-study program for handling expertise Final Project so that students can be in line with trees campus and appropriate research.
“FRI forming teaching teams are set each semester for certain courses. So as lecturers can improve their teaching methods based on previous experience, “said Taufik. Based on these experiences, Taufik mention a few things that should be evaluated in the teaching material in common among fellow lecturer of the course, the evaluation of the level of difficulty about quiz and examinations, and assistance.
“We also evaluated the collaboration between subjects in order to avoid duplication of tasks,” said Taufik. -purel / Risca

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