08 Dec 2015

Here is the Champion at Anti Corruption Propaganda Competition 2015

BANDUNG, TEL-U – After successfully organized anti-corruption themed competition, this year Telkom University (Tel-U) held Anticorruption Propaganda Corruption 2015. This competition was divided into Anticorruption Essay, Poetry, Jingle Cration, Short Film, Poster, Script Drama, Comic writing and photography. “Total works that are contested as many as 192 works,” said Manager of Learning Development Agency (BPP), Dr MAJIDAH, Saturday (7/12).
The winners of the competition were announced in a unique way that is through poetry recital by the top management of Telkom University such as Vice Rector, Dr. Heroe Wijanto, Academic Director Christanto Triwibisono, Director of Student Affairs, Hendratno, and Dean Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Dr. Dida Diah Damayanti.
In addition, there was judges for jingle creation category consisting of three lecturers namely Sjarif Maulana, Yudi Priyadi, and Muhammad Iqbal were entertained the audience with Bandos (Band Dosen a.k.a Lecturer Band) performance at the jingle creation winner announcement. Some judges from others categories is equally unique, announced the winners with their own way.
The committee, judges, and performers consisting of faculty, staff, and students are unite in one vision, creating “a care to share” campus environtment with the spirit of anti-corruption. The implementation of this event is also supported by PEMANTIK community (Youth Against Corruption) in Telkom University which are under the coordination of Learning Development Agency (BPP).
Here are the winners:

Jingle Creation Category
Winner Name/Faculty Tittle
1 Ilham Akbar / FIF Pelopor AntiKorupsi -The Anti-Corruption Pioneer
2 Hafiz Adriansyah & Benny Agung Prayudha (FTE) MAri Cegah Korupsi – Watch Out Corruption!
3 Ilham Abdul Qahhaar Lathif (FRI) Cegah Korupsi dengan Prime – Corruption Counter with PRIME
Comic Category
1 Nadhilla Sabrina & Thalhah Syahidulhaq Robbani (FIK) (TIdak) Sadar Diri – (Un)concious
2 Anita Kartini (FIK) Memiskinkan Koruptor – Impoverish The Corruptor
3 Andri Alfriadi (FIT) Modal Dong!
Photography Category
1 Dhiky Wahyu Santoso (FTE) Semangat Membaca (Reading Spirit)
2 Winda Gina Nafisa Sukmana (FIK) Kukembalikan yang Bukan Hakku – I return something that was not my right
3 Husnan Fajlu Rizki (FIT) Quality Time Together

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