18 Jul 2017

HIPMI West Java & School of Business Communication Organized FGD on City Branding

Bandung, Telkom University – Improving the city branding in West Java, especially Bandung and surrounding areas, Telkom University organized Forum Group Discussion with the Association of Young Indonesian Entrepreneurs (HIPMI), Cultural Tourism Office of West Java and guests from PUM Expert, Mrs. Angelique Lombarts Ph.D on Tuesday (18/7) at Manterawu Building, Telkom University.
to increase City Branding Bandung, by maximizing some aspects both in terms of natural tourism in West Java, Culinary tourism, and other things that can raise the name of West Java is more known especially in foreign countries. Representative of PUM Expert is Mrs. Angelique presents material on aspects that need to be met in maximizing city branding, such as applying AIDA method, customer satisfaction, giving the best experience during the tour, and building Word of Mouth.

“Some aspects of the standard as mentioned above need to be fulfilled, it is so that foreign tourists by themselves spread the positive things over here (WoM) .Of course with the development of supporting infrastructure.” Angelique said.

“Branding Indonesia is very important, as well as improving the brand for West Java Tourism is one of the sources of state revenues.Roughly need about 10 billion, so that he (Bandung) can be known in Asia.Branding is an activity that never stops. Other provinces have a common tourist attraction, we need to find unique selling point here (West Java). ” Said Head of Department of Marketing Disparbud, Iwan Darmawan, SH., M.I.P.

According to him, making a Branding planning fairly easy, but how our brand can be known to the wider community that requires extra hard work. He asserted that HIPMI here is to fill the existing void.

The obstacle for Kota District for now is access. (Official name) said Bandung has 10 direct flights from within the country, while foreign countries only have 2 direct flight only. Improving access certainly costs a lot, but it is a way to increase foreign tourism visits to West Java.

Telkom University also contributed to this City Branding, not because it happened to be in Kopertis 4 area but there are courses that are suitable with the government plan that is City Branding, exactly on Communication Science program. This is explained by the Dean of FKB, Dr. Jafar Sembiring, at the press conference.

“Telkom University’s contribution in this regard is to apply the theories we learn in Campus, in our existing City Branding courses. We often hold performances in CFD Dago, Asia Afrika, it is the practice of the theory that can be on campus. “Jafar said.

Telkom University is also quite often send special teams to less developed areas, to help people learn how to communicate well, and packing local products to compete and attract foreign tourists.

Chairman of HIPMI Bandung Regency, Andri Juwandi, said that not infrequently the Front Office staff in West Java is not good in foreign languages. Competent human resources also prefer to work abroad because it is considered more bona fide. Things like that cause local entrepreneurs difficult to find competent human resources.

“One of these HIPMI programs is to fill gaps, such as shopping, for example, so they help the government to improve culinary variants, especially SMEs.” Lid Andri.

Problems like the above that moves HIPMI to bring together related parties in building City Branding Bandung to be better, both in terms of HR, Tourism, and Insfrastrukturnya.

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