26 May 2015

How to Make Scopus Indexed the Lecturer Journal

BANDUNG, TEL-U – For lecturers, scientific publications at international journals are very important in supporting their career. In addition to developing science, scientific publications is very influential in the promotion of lecturers and the reputation of the institution. More and more scientific papers indexed lecturer at international scientific journals, the better college’s reputation in international world. However, it is not easy to penetrate international journals. According to Account Manager of Indonesia Elsevier Science and Technology, Joyce Haryono, from 600 thousand scientific papers submitted in Scopus, only 280 thousand were published. “The selection is quite tight. Thus, before publication please refined the paper first. Note, do not submit repeatedly because it could lead to embargo,” said Joyce in the International Journal Workshop which was held in the Multimedia Room Bangkit Building Telkom University (Tel-U), Monday (11/5). He also mentioned that Elsevier is the manager for Scopus Indonesia. He suggested the authors to be able to show new ideas in his writings and not to hit the ethical violations and got a stamp ‘retracted’. If the new idea has been raised, but the paper has been rejected, the author requested to not despair. “There are two possibilities why the paper was rejected. Firstly, because the topic is less specific and too general. Second, the paper is not the new manuscript,” Joyce rich. About the topic, Joyce mentioned trend is now leading research journals on topics related to humanities, interdisciplinary increase, increase international collaboration and an increase in market data. Joyce also urged to write abstract in English, and encouraged all content in English. “Reviewers comes from various countries, therefore, English has become a language that is easily understood by the reviewer,” said Joyce. Tel-U has eight conference held annually. Tel-U Rector Prof. Mochammad Ashari, M.Eng., Ph.D. want the proceedings of the various conferences can be indexed in Scopus. “There are 220 articles of Tel-U are indexed in Scopus. Those articles still use the original name of the college long before Telkom University. In the future, the article should be indexed by Scopus with original name is Telkom University,” said Rector. (Purel / risca)

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