05 Dec 2015

Hundreds Participants Attended Indonesia Big Data Conference 2015

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Approximately 300 participants attended the Conference of Big Data Indonesia 2015 (KBI2015). Entitled “Sovereignty the Independence of National Pillar Data “, the event was held at Multipurpose Building Telkom University (GSG Tel-U) on Tuesday-Wednesday (1 – 2/12).

The first day filled with seminars featuring some experts such as Prof.Dr Kalamullah Ramli, M.Eng which is discussed about Big Data Strategy for Indonesia, then continued with Big Data for Defense submitted by Mr. Ir. Taufik Dwi Cahyono M.Sc, AE, and Defense of Big Data (Security in Big Data) by Ir. Budi Raharjo, MSc, Ph.D.

Besides that appear also Komang Budi Aryasa, ST, M.Ing who presented on Monetizing Big Data: Business Cases in Telkom Indonesia, Trio Adiono, ST, MT, Ph.D., discussed about loT for Big Data, and Dr. Ing Khafid who presented on Big Data in Geospatial.

Then session continued with Ir. Iwan Djuniardi MM, which described about Road to Big Data Implementation: Experience Tax Office, Ahmad Ferdowsi as Information Architect Telkomsel IT Big Data, and Andry Alamsyah, S.Si, M.Sc who presented about Social Network Analysis.

KBI2015 designed to facilitate the delivery of information to participants by combining the explanations, discussions, case studies and showcase. In addition to numerous seminars are also various booths that show off the work of nation in order to inspire the participants who attended the event. (purel / AW)

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