03 Sep 2015

ID TALENT BOOTCAMP & CAREER EXPO Professional Competency Development 2015

Talent ID program Bootcamp – Professional Competency Development is a collaboration between Epsilon Solutions with the Faculty of Economics and Business Telkom University which aims to build up the competence of the prospective young professionals to contribute significantly to the industry.

Talent ID program Bootcamp – Professional Competency Development is a series of competency development as a whole is packaged in preparing the participants to be a major talent in the company and industry. The main thing in facing the challenges of the 2015 Asian Economic Community; and cites the results of research Boston Consulting Group in 2013 that Indonesia would be included in the fifteen countries that become a world economic power, but the challenge is expected to Indonesian industry will lack 56% of talent to support such developments. So that the development of young professional talent Indonesia is a must.

IDTalent Bootcamp is designed as a program with a practical method in the development of effective self, has a professional attitude and behavior, as well as having major basic competence in the process of thinking and settlement issues. The program was attended by prospective young professionals from both university graduates in Bandung and other cities in Indonesia. This program will be held on 25 to 29 August 2015, held for five days with a series of events as follows:

1. ID Talent Bootcamp
The first day – the third is the implementation of a bootcamp or the provision of material for all participants ID Talent Bootcamp. ID Talent Bootcamp participants will get the material to develop the potential to make preparations for their foray into the industry.
Each participant will receive individual Bootcamp IDTalent report consisting of a personal profile based on the results of the inventory test and assessment results bootcamp participants during the activity.
a. Tuesday, August 25, 2015: Personal Branding – Build yourself be talent not only employees, personal branding profile include the ability for the self and the ability to communicate effectively.
b. Wednesday, August 26, 2015: Achievement Motivation (Build Mental Champion) and Analytical Thinking (Sharpen analytical skills for effective problem-solving)
c. Thursday, August 27, 2015: Presentation Skill & Tips Business Communication

2. ID Talent Conference – Start Your Career Right
The fourth day, Friday, August 28, 2015 closed with a seminar with keynote speaker Mr. Rudiantara (Minister of Communication and Information Technologies of the Republic of Indonesia) and Ridwan Kamil (Mayor of Bandung) and invited several CEOs of leading companies in Indonesia. The material that will be presented are the challenges and needs of the industry, current industry trends, as well as sharing knowledge of the CEO.
• Herdy Harman (Director of Human Capital Telkom)
• Putra Nababan (Editor in Chief of Metro TV)
• Sally Taher (Founder of Red & White Consulting Partners LLP)
• testifying Haju (HR Head of Citi)
• Anggita Vela Lydia (Sr. Manager Business Development & PR www.elevenia.co.id)
• Young Talent On Top: Sean Taher (The Student of Birkbeck, University of London)

3. ID Talent Career Expo – Find a Career, not a Job
Fourth and fifth days (28-29 August 2015) carried Career Expo that is open to the public. This event is designed to pave the way for companies that want to get young professionals from various universities in Bandung. So as to bring together the young talents who are ready career with the needs of the company. The event is open to the public, in addition there are booths of leading companies, visitors can directly interact with the recruiter to do the interview, psychological test and get an overview of the profiles themselves. In the surrounding area there is also a Career Expo Bazaar area that can be enjoyed by visitors to Career Expo.
Here is a list of companies that participated in the Talent ID Career Expo 2015
• Indonesia Hewlett Packard (HP)
• Citi Bank Indonesia
• PT. Elang Mahkota Teknologi (Emtek Group) – SCTV, Indosiar, Channel O, KMK Online, Screenplay Production
• PT. Kompas Media Nusantara (Reuters TV)
• PT. Bukit Muria Jaya
• PT. First Media Tbk (First Media)
• PT. Net Mediatama Television (NET TV)
• PT. XL Planet (Elevenia)
• PT. Indonusa Telemedia (Transvision)
• PT. Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (MNC)
• PT. Inter Partner Initiative (MSTARS Group)

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