30 Nov 2015

Ikom Student Won Two Awards at BCA Short Movie Award

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Three students of Communication Sciences Faculty of Communication and Business (Ikom FKB) Ryan Shindu Pradana, Mustafa, and Ganda Rahmalis successfully won two awards at the event BCA Short Movie Award (BCA SHOVIA). Ryan won the award for Best Screenplay (Best Scenario) and Mustafa & Dual Rahmalis won Best Editing.

Competition on the theme “Indonesia Muda, Indonesia Rich Culture” was held on Tuesday (27/10) in Indonesia Kaya Gallery, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. At this event, the three of them joined the team Eleven Cinema Pictures that make a film called Opor Operan.

The film is adapted from the author’s experience scenario, Ryan, who was once experienced something similar in the film Opor Operan. “The title of this opera and Opor appears when we meeting because of cuisines Opor main story that moved,” said Mustafa, Friday (30/10).

Mustafa claimed that this operand Opor also originated from champion ever swum before when pitching in a short film producer workshop. “Our main team consists of me, Ryan and Wiwid. Previously we’ve won while pitching in a short film producer workshop held by the Department of Trade and Industry KUKM and Bandung. Picthing workshops that are then generate Opor operand, “he said.

For them, there is no obstacle in the process of making this film, because Opor Operan itself is created as the result of a workshop project producer who previously they follow. “Because there happens BCA Shovia race, we then try to submit the film and thank God could win,” said Mustafa.

Eleven Team Achievement of Cinema Pictures cannot be separated from experience and sharing with the filmmakers, while in the classroom experience Broadcast makes them so accustomed to discussing the film, and for those who are most important in making the film is to be able to make its own characteristics.

Eleven teams Cinema Pictures hope that the film maker in Indonesia continues to firm in making the film and the more people who love film by Indonesian children. (purel / Nisa)

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