13 May 2016

Indonesian Campus Must Ready to Establish Information Technology Governance

BANDUNG, TEL-U – For the realization of qualified teaching staff and ICT – based campus, Telkom University (Tel-U) and PT. Sukapura Citra Megah (PT.CSM) organized a sharing session entitled “Governance of Information Technology in Higher Education. The event took place at Bangkit Building 2nd floor Multimedia Room Tel-U, Tuesday (10/5).

Tel-U Rector, Prof. Ir Mochamad Ashari, M Eng, Ph D had a high expectation to the event which followed by universities and institutes throughout Indonesia. He mainly expected that education in Indonesia could massively growing and the participants able to develop ICT on their campuses.

According to the Rector, there are four elements of ICT – based campus, there are determination / policies, financial (mainly important), human resources and infrastructure. “If there is no determination, it happen nothing. So does financial, if there is a determination but no money, it is useless” he said.

Meanwhile Prof.Dr.Ir. Richardus Eko Indrajit, M.Sc, MBA, one of the speakers at this event stated that nowaday, education world must apply ICT in the learning process. This is due to the current generation has been familiar and facilitated by IT, so that anything can be searched on the Internet.

Quoting from Google CEO’ allusion to education worldwide, Eko said, today’s campus challenge is to prepare the 21st century generation with 20th century’s teacher at 19th century’s campus with 18th century’s teaching methods.

Eko added to create the smart campus is required five pillars and five foundations. Five pillars: teaching devices, learning tools, knowledge repository, enabler programs, and facilities transformers. While the five foundations included communication media, operational automation, resource management system, partnership network, and decision making support.

“As the times , the lecturer on campus already had to implement e-learning, in other words, the lecturer able to connect with students using any device everywhere, “said Eko. (Purel / AW)

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