28 Mar 2016

Indonesian Government Should Consider Cyber Security

JAKARTA, TEL-U – Information Security and Privacy Expert, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, Prof. Ian Brown urged Indonesian Government to consider a number of factors relating to the implementation of cyber security. This was disclosed by Brown at Cybersecurity Capacity Seminar and Workshop, in Jakarta, Monday (28/3).

“There are some factors should be prepared such as crisis management with stakeholders to ensure the preparation of a cyber national incident response,” said the author of Regulating Code.

Brown cited the controversies that occur between conventional taxi businesses with online applications based transportation services in Jakarta a few days ago. According to him, steps to resolve by inviting the stakeholders to discuss this case. “It does not only happen in Indonesia, but also in other countries,” he said.

Seminar and Workshop on Cybersecurity Capacity is one part of a collaboration between University of Oxford, the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia and Telkom University (Tel-U). As part of this cooperation, it also held Focus Group Discussion (FGD) previously. Hopefully, the results of this collaboration will produce a White Paper on Cyber Security in Indonesia. (Purel / raf)

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