20 Jan 2017

Indonesian Robot Being a Cahampion at International Competition

Singapore (19/01/17) – Telkom University relisted achievement in International robot championship in Singapore, Thursday afternoon (19/1). The two categories that managed to bring the name of Indonesia in the Singapore Science Centre were Open Category and RC Underwater Robot Category.

The robot patrons Telkom University, Muhammad Ikhsan Sani and Simon Siregar said the Singapore Robotic Games 2017 (SRG2017) was a prestigious annual competition – the collaboration of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. This event was followed by many reputable Universities and schools from all over the world, and this event goes to 24th times this year.

“It’s not easy to reach this stage, but with hard work and support from other parties, we are grateful to be able to carve the record champions in Singapore. Moreover, participants of Singapore Robotic Games 2017 was followed by dozens of well-known universities of many countries. Of course this is a collective result of others support “he added.

SRG 2017 is the largest robot event earlier this year, at least stated at official website of the National University of Singapore (NUS), SRG 2017 equalized no less than 200 participants from various countries, 5 of which are team from Telkom University, Bandung.

Separately, the Rector of Telkom University Mochamad Ashari gave appreciation to the entire team, this Professor on electro field expected that potential generations continue to grow and advance science through various areas, one of which is participation in the competition in both the national and global scale.

“Hopefully this achievement becomes lighter spirit and motivate students of Telkom University and a whole generation to continue to innovate, to do research without stopping to find the end point, namely the usefulness for the development of science, especially in the field of robotics,” he said.

In addition, Ashari added. If efforts to foster student motivation in innovation is not that easy, it needs the full support of many parties, the Government and also the university, so the synergies development of Human Resources (HR) grew hand in hand.

“It is the commitment of Telkom University, takes special attention to the golden generation that is currently growing through a variety of occasions, this is what we have built here (Telkom University), scored generation prestatif” he continued.

Meanwhile, team leader of RC Underwater Robot Category Ryan Febriansyah expressed excitement and hope a similar competition will be better sooner. “Happy and proud, thanks to all the team, and hopefully this kind of competition more better” he concluded. (PR)

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