17 Dec 2015

Industrial Engineering Student Became 2nd Winner at Product Design Competition

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Two students from Faculty of Industrial Engineering Tel-U, Alen Salvo Pratomo and Dini Amalia, won second place in the event of Product Design Competition 2015 Technoplast for Kids Category.

The national product design competition organized by Technoplast. A number of major universities such as ITB, ITS, UI and UGM enlivened the event as participants of the competition. At this event, Alen and Dini, chose a product category by making the child’s lunch box set (E-Bot) specifically for children aged 3 to 12 years. On Saturday (5/12) they received a reward as 2nd Winner in Technoplast office, kebon jeruk.

“After compete with 137 participants we finally entered the stage five. The winner design will be considered a company to mass-produced and sold in the market, “said Alen, Tuesday (8/12).

Alen revealed that the Lunch Box Set was inspired by the shape of children drink bottle which not provided a multifunctional yet. “Considering that children are not suggested to bring a lot of stuff, also there was no a simple lunch box set but has the same functionality, so that we tried to answer the problem with a product that we call E-Bot,” said Alen.

This multifunctional product design could be seen from the function itself. E-Bot shaped like drink bottle consisted three main parts, there were a drinking place at the top, a place to store side-dishes in the middle, and a wider space at the bottom could be used as a place to store rice and bread.

Alen claimed that the e-Bot was actually purely the result of their work. Previously, they become the second too at INDISCO 7 which was International Product Design Competition organized by Diponegoro University, Semarang (9-11 / 10).

Both assistant Laboratory of Image Engineering and Design Studio had a high motivation to make Tel-U proud and want to prove they could compete with other major campuses in Indonesia and even the world. For Alen, becoming the 2nd Winner at this event was one achievement of his dream to provide national and international achievements before he graduated.

“Thank God I’ve got three national achievement and one International achievement. Only one more thing to achieve my dream, “he said.

They are convinced that Indonesia was able to produce talented young people in producing great design and useful. “Basically there was no difficulty in design, we believe the only difficulty was the ‘start’, when we start, trouble certainly can be overcome,” he said (purel / Nisa)

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