12 May 2015

Interior Design Tel – U Show Off the Skill in Yogyakarta

BANDUNG, TEL- U – Ten students with 1 lecturer from Interior Design Study Program, Faculty of Creative Industries Telkom University (FIK Tel-U) joined the exhibition entitled Connection Space Transform (CONCEPT)” organized by the Young Interior Designer of Indonesia (YIDI) Yogyakarta from 15 to 17 April 2015 in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.

YIDI an active community forum of young interior designers who thrive in Yogyakarta. This time, YIDI apply ‘Concept’ which stands for Connection Space Transform. This theme is meant space or unlimited horizons for creative young designers and environmental components are interconnected and influence each other to make a change.

In addition to the exhibition of interior designers, the event was also enlivened by talk show, bazaar, performance, charity, drawing and coloring contest for children and a documentary film.
This is the first time for Interior Design Prodi joined in YIDI exibition Yogyakarta. At this event, which showcased Tel-U student work includes wicker stool (seat without backrest), chairs, sofas and interior accessories.

“Some of my friends sent two works and God bless all approved. The interest of visitors was also very good, this one is a good opportunity for promotion as well as introducing interior design Tel-U, “said one student, Fadi Anthony.

Team who participated this exhibition was Muhammad Ihsan Ash Shiddi Bumble Rings, 2013), Fadhila Anthony (Barbel Stool, 2014), Shidqi Alia Taufiq (Net Sofa, Stairs Stool 2014 and 2013), Tatang Ruspandi Anwar (Work Nest Sofa, 2014), Arfi Dhoifi gift (Rook Chair, 2014), Desy Dwi Putri (Accessories Interior).

Andika Putri Pertiwi (Shallot Sofa Chair, 2014), Paramayuda Maulana (Rook Stool, 2014), Adi Putro Wicaksono, (Pipin Stool, 2014), M. Alfatha Kurniadi (Venus -Stool Rattan), and one lecturer, rangga Firmansyah (Guyub, 2015). (Purel / Izal)

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