International Faculty is Still Telkom University’s Excellence

11 09 QS Asia Ranking

QS Asia RankingBANDUNG, Telkom University – QS World University Rankings has issued a regional ranking of universities. Based on the QS World University Rankings Regional ASIA 2022, Telkom University managed to rank 401-450.

QS World University Rankings Regional ASIA follows the global ranking assessment standards, taking into account several indicators, namely: academic reputation, the reputation of lecturers and employees, students, doctoral lecturer education, paper citations, International Research Network, International Faculty, International Students, and Student Exchange.

Based on the assessment issued through the official website, of the 11 assessment indicators, Telkom University achieved the highest score on the International Faculty indicator. It is a benchmark for the quality of education at Telkom University with an international standard.

In addition, several assessment indicators of Telkom University have also increased, including Academic Reputation (academic reputation), Faculty/Student ratio (ratio of lecturers per student), Paper/Faculty (published scientific papers per lecturer), International Faculty (international lecturers), International Student (international students), Inbound Exchange (exchange of international students studying at Tel-U), and Outbound Exchange (exchange of Tel-U students to foreign universities).

Responding to the acquisition, the Chancellor of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya, expressed his gratitude and gratitude for all the teams that have contributed so far. This achievement is Telkom University’s commitment to continue doing the best and giving the best to the community.

“This is a collective result, from all stakeholders involved, employees, researchers, lecturers, and students, this is an assessment for all, and we are grateful for continuing to grow and not stop innovating, for education that advances Indonesia,” he said.

Prof. Adiwijaya also added that to improve quality in Internationalization and Innovation, Telkom University will strive to improve the quality of international standard learning and quality research.

“This is in line with our vision to become a research-based world university and entrepreneurial university, and able to produce innovations that can benefit society.”

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