24 Feb 2021

International Webinar Between Telkom University and Silpakorn University

BANDUNG, Telkom University – The School of Creative Industries Telkom University (FIK Tel-U) and Silpakorn University Thailand organized an International Webinar entitled Mix Media & Photography, which was held online through the Zoom Application, Wednesday (24/2).

Also attending as a speaker at this event was Dr. Vichaya Mukdamanee Deputy Dean for Special and International Affairs Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts Silpakorn University Thailand and Adrian Permana Zen., S.Ds., M.A., Lecturer at the School of Creative Industries at Telkom University.

Rector of Telkom University Prof. Adiwijaya in his speech said that the collaboration between the two universities in the two countries is very good, where through this collaboration it is hoped that it will be able to foster enthusiasm in fostering ideas in advancing the nation of Indonesia and Thailand.

“The spirit of collaboration between countries is very good, where through this collaboration we can exchange ideas and exchange ideas so that it can grow creative ideas from each institution, hopefully, this collaboration can continue and be able to produce innovations that lead to goodness. . ” He explained.

In his presentation, Dr. Vachaya delivered a material entitled Mix Media Movement in 1990 Thailand: The Transitional Period Between Modern and Contemporary Art.

“The growth of media that has occurred since the 90s is very significant, mixing media here is how to combine various artistic activities with technology, using various techniques, so that along with its development the merger can produce a very beautiful work of art.” Said Dr. Vachaya.

In line with Dr. Vachaya, Adrian Permana Zen with the material Computational Photography: The Role of AI in the Development of Photograph.

“Photo techniques along with the existence of Artificial Intelligent (AI), make it easier for us and able to deepen the photographic technique so that in the photo process many photos are processed using AI so that they have good photo results.” He said.

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