17 Sep 2015

Internet usage in Indonesia Still Contains Nonsense

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Communications and Information Technology Ministry targeted the Indonesian Internet users reached 150 million people until late of 2015. That is as much as 61 percent of Indonesia’s population can access Internet to help interconnected with one another easily. The goal, in order to increase the level of public knowledge and welfare.

According to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Rudiantara until now public access to internet has been quite good, but the amount of benefit is not maximized. It was conveyed through his written speech read out by the Secretary General of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Suprawoto, SH., M.Si at the ICT Expo in Bandung Telkom campus of the University (Tel-U), Thursday (10/9).

“Community involvement in the majority interaction of internet usage still contain nonsense with meaningless content. The benefits value of internet connectivity is more considerable than only entertainment, “he quoted.

He conveyed, the interaction of Internet use should not just spend the cost. As we know that today’s phenomena is community pay high cost but its impact nothing. Sometimes even cause disintegration among people themselves. Connectivity should be used for business promotion, business, negotiations, seek business opportunities, orders promotion of goods and services, or conduct electronic transactions. It can benefit either good social benefits or material benefits.

“The Internet is egalitarian. Anyone can be interconnected without bureaucratic obstacles. The opportunity to collaborate wide open. We can collaborate in overcoming obstacles, gain opportunities globally. Internet opens an opportunity for anyone who wants to rise from adversity to achieve social and economic changes in a positive direction, “he said.

Telkom University Rector Prof. Mochammad Ashari, M. Eng., PhD said, “information and communication technologies are the backbone of all sectors of the economy in the country. Telkom University determined to strengthen the ABD link (Academic-Business-Government) to be able to produce innovations that can be beneficial for our country,” he said.

Bandung ICT Expo became the only and the largest ICT exhibition in Bandung, possibly even in Indonesia. Through this event Tel-U rector wished, Bandung ICT Expo 2015 event can provide an understanding of the general public about the importance of information technology to boost the competitiveness of the creative industries, as well as the preparedness of ASEAN Economic Community. (purel / risca)

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