03 Apr 2016

Jabbar Muhammad Actualized Dream through Solo Exhibition

BANDUNG, TEL-U- Intermedia Arts Lecturer, School of Creative Industries Telkom University (FIK Tel-U), Jabbar Muhammad, held a solo exhibition in Salian Gllery, at Sersan Bajuri Street, Bandung. The exhibition lasted for one full month since 25 March-25 April 2016 titled “Anima”.

According to Jabbar, Anima is taken from Latin, meaning mind or soul. The choice of “Anima” referred to the term used by Carl Jung in the field of psychology to explain the feminine side of man’s personality.

“The tittle decided not at the beginning, but its pop out in the middle of several works process. It is consists of introducing, interview with unknown model candidate, photo session process and moved into a painting,” said Jabbar, last week.

Ten paper drawing works exhibited in Omnispace and 15 works on canvas painting was exhibited at Salian. “All work produced three to six months intensively, but design and intention has already existed since 2013,” he said.

Jabbar told that solo exhibition is the dream for every artist. “Solo exhibition is like pilgrimage for artist,” he said. He hopes his work series can be understood by people as a strong entity and become something debatable at the end.

Jabba’s exhibition was an independent work done by his close friends, ranging from curators team, writers, and galleries which are administered and managed by his close friends too.

“I’m lucky having connection with competent and precise people. I propose the exhibition proposal to them, and fortunately they were interested,” he said.

According to Jabbar, students who planned to have a solo exhibition should continue exploring and observing what is done. Once you have a clear content, better to distribute to appropriate person in order to reduce the problems that might be encountered during the preparation process. (Purel / AW)

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