13 May 2014

Journalistic Student Activity Unit Declares “AKSARA”

AKSARA used to be two different organizations from two different faculties. They are MasyarakatJurnalisitk (Masjur) Telkom which came from Engineering Faculty and Jurnalistik IMT which came from Economics and Business Faculty. This integration, with mutual commitment, is the action of actualizing a letter from IV vice rector that requires a student activity unit in Telkom University. So, in order to be a student unit activity in journalistic, Masjur and Jurnalistik IMT decided to integrate.
The chief of AKSARA Tel-U, Oki Maulana, was explaining the reason regarding AKSARA as their name. AKSARA was taken from Indonesia General Dictionay which means “word.” “Aksara means word according to the dictionary. In this student unit activity, every member is a word which could construct a beautiful sentence. For that, we need to unite as one” says Oki which were interviewed during the event.
Oki, who is student of 2011 Physics Engineering hoped that the declaration could be the media to promote the existence of AKSARA who could accommodate the interest of Tel-U student in journalistic. Besides that, Oki hopes that other student unit activity could follow AKSARA to actually unite with the other faculty. “I hope our actions could follow by the other student unit activity in Tel-U to be united.”
Wawan Anwar, director of student affair, on his speech was delivering his support to AKSARA. He represented the rector and IV vice rector to witnessed the declaration. “The merge is done to create the spirit of one and spirit of creativity. Limitation in time, facility and thought should not be a barrier; I hope AKSARA and other student unit activity in Tel-U keep their creativity. We support your activity” explained Wawan during the declaration.
The theme of the event was Soul of Independence. The Vow Band, a band from Tel-U, the theatrical group as we as the famous stand-up comedian, Ernest Prakasa came to entertain the participant of the event. (Kompro/DH)

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