27 Jul 2021

Kemenparekraf Collaborates with Tel-U to Organize WIDURI

BANDUNG, Telkom University – The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) in collaboration with Telkom University organized a Creative Economy Independent Young Entrepreneur training program (WIDURI EKRAF) 2021. This program was attended by 764 creative economy entrepreneurs in five super-priority destinations, namely Mandalika, Lake Toba, Borobudur, Labuan Bajo, Likupang, and Bali.

The WIDURI 2021 program aims to produce young entrepreneurs in an independent creative economy, especially in the fashion, culinary, craft, music, and photography sub-sectors. The training is held online through the Learning Management System (LMS) for two weeks, from 26 July to 6 August 2021.

Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya explained that through this program, Telkom University can contribute directly to economic growth in Indonesia. MSMEs are supporters of Indonesia’s economic growth so that the WIDURI EKRAF2021 Program is in line with this.

“What we need to realize, especially in business development, is that the digital world is currently producing a shift in two things, namely the business model and society behavior. Through this digital development, it is hoped that we can see the needs and opportunities that exist in the community, “explained Prof. Adiwijaya.

Prof. Adiwijaya hopes that this program can improve the ability, quality, and quantity of MSMEs in Indonesia so that they can increase the nation’s economic growth.

This program was officially opened on Monday (26/07) by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahudin Uno. In his remarks, Sandiaga Uno said that the current situation amid the COVID-19 Pandemic is indeed difficult, but we must rise one of them through the WIDURI EKRAF 2021 program. Entrepreneurs are expected to be able to open as many job opportunities as possible so that increased business opportunities can drive the nation’s economy.

“I believe that focusing on the WIDURI EKRAF 2021 program will improve the quality of our human resources. I am sure that the current conditions can trigger us to continue to actively carry out various innovations,” said Sandiaga Uno. Sandiaga Uno also added that the WIDURI EKRAF 2021 program will open up opportunities for multi-platform collaboration with various parties that can restore the Indonesian economy after the COVID-19 pandemic. It is hoped that this program can provide benefits to promote and optimize all resources in the creative economy sector.

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