15 Mar 2021

KIPAS BUDAYA Program 2021: Leader’s Talk Value “Pay It Forward”

Telkom University is again holding a series of Calendar of Culture Action (CoCA) activities which will take place throughout 2021 with the theme KERSA (Kerja Bareng Sauyunan), Working Together with Sauyunan. The first CoCA activity this year was attended by the Faculty of Informatics (FIF) with Leader’s Talk Value with the theme “Pay It Forward” which took place on Monday (15/3).

The main agenda of the CoCA this time is Leader’s Talk Value which presents two speakers, namely the Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya, and Director of Bandung Techno Park, Prof. Maman Abdurohman. The two of them will discuss more deeply the CoCA theme this time, namely KERSA and Pay It Forward.

In his opening speech, the Rector explained that culture in an organization is something that can move all academicians at Tel-U, to achieve common goals, namely vision, and mission.

“I hope this KERSA can make our kinship stronger. God willing, we at the campus are a family, we should love and help each other so that the benefits are not only for each individual but also for the wider community. ” Said Adiwijaya.

In another case with Prof. Maman, he explained more about the meaning of today’s theme, namely Pay It Forward. According to him, every individual needs to continue to do well to others, because that is what we will reap at a later date.

“I always remember a verse in our holy Al-Qur’an. What if we do good, it means we are doing well for ourselves. If you do evil, then the harm or evil is for us too. Goodness wills us old in the future, not instantaneously. But be sure that what we sow we reap. “He said.

Hopefully, the material about the theme and culture presented by the two speakers above can continue to strengthen the kinship of the academic community and be a blessing for all of us.

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