19 Aug 2015

Kopertis: Good Lecturer is a Good Researcher

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Coordinator Kopertis West Java – Banten, Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Abdul Hakim Halim, M.Sc, say, to become a world-class university, Telkom University (Tel-U) should remain consistent to work hard to achieve it. One way is to improve the quality of lecturers, mainly related to research activities. “Good lecturer is a good researcher,” said Abdul Hakim.

Judge convey this when a panelist at Two Years Reflection Telkom University in Multimedia Room Rise Building, Wednesday (5/8). The event was attended by Telkom Foundation Management, Telkom-University, and faculty leaders. In addition to the judge, there were four other panelists namely Rector of Gunadarma University Prof. Dr. ES Margianti SE, MM, Director of Huawei Dani K Ristandi, EVP Regional 2 Telkom Ir Prasabri Pesti, and Dian, representatives of SMAN 8 Bandung.

According to the Judge, no matter how great and well as a lecturer, it’s not ideal without any seriously and ongoing research. “There is a great lecturer, but never done the research, so I said ‘he already become the great one, it will complete after doing the research”, he said

In addition to encourage faculty to do research, Tel-U also expected to create a strong academic atmosphere. “Lecturers should intensively communicate with the students, not only in the classroom. Outside the classroom, lecturers can discuss and guide students, for example, help students to complete the final task, “he said. (Purel / raf)

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