25 Apr 2017

Kopertis IV: Telkom University Must Become a Qibla for University in West Java

Bandung, Progressive development of Telkom University has been impressived for Coordinator of Private Higher Education Coordination (Kopertis IV) office in West Java and Banten, Professor Uman Suherman. It was stated when the Rector of Telkom University Professor Mochamad Ashari visited in the framework of regulatory hearings related to lecturer academic career.

Participated in a hearing held on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs. Heroe Wijanto, Vice Rector for Resources Ir. Nelson Rikardo Pasaribu, Community Relations Manager Yani Nuraeni, also accompanied Director of Higher Education Telkom Foundation Sumrahadi.

In a simple meeting in the Kopertis Coordinator’s office, the Rector presented Telkom University’s progress so far, including the achievement of Professor in Mathematical Science which was confirmed on the same day in the helicopter hearing. “This morning (Wednesday, 19/4), we have just confirmed the Professor of Mathematical Sciences, equipping the Professor at our University” said Rector.

For the coordinator, Telkom University is the university with the fastest quality improvement in its working area. Therefore Professor Uman Suherman expected that it will be related to the quality improvement of other universities, and make Telkom University a mecca of University development.

“If it is possible, Telkom University does not forget the other universities in Kopertis IV region, because as the most advanced, both the superstructure (the academic elite) and infrastructure (physical facilities) should also help others to advance, especially about the “A” accreditation, only Telkom University in west java area “he explained.

Hearing that, the Rector prepared and agreed that Telkom University’s contribution is deemed necessary for the progress of universities in West Java and Banten, especially the Private University.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Telkom University Dr. Heroe Wijanto also supports the potential steps that are expected by the Coordinator of Kopertis IV. Furthermore, Heroe Wijanto conveyed some things that are deemed necessary for the direction of the Coordinator, which is related to the clarity of academic career for the lecturers of general subjects in Telkom University.

“So we are in a dilemma, some of our academics have administrative problems related to academic career because of the non-linearity between study programs and subjects that they teach, such as General subjects, such as Religion, Language, PKN and some others” he said.

The question refers to the issue of Academic Functional Position (JFA) which has been proposed by Telkom University, but has linearity constraints. In response, the Coordinator of Kopertis IV stated clearly that the condition should not be an obstacle for an academician to achieve their rights.

“It could be, no matter, if there is no program of study, make it just a kind of reference group study, or faculty for general courses, because it is important and crucial public courses, teachers must also be professional from their fields, it is impossible Engineering in Telkom University has a lecturer of religion but alumnus of Engineering also “he replied.

The answer refers to the practice of a reputable University overseas that does have its own faculty, referred to as the Faculty of Liberal Art, at Telkom University itself has practiced it by grouping general courses in the PPDU (Basic and General Courses).

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