20 Nov 2013

Unified Communication Laboratory Develops Fleet Monitoring Data Center System based on OpenMTC Platform

BANDUNG-TEL-U- Distribution is an important process for Production Company to send its product to costumer. Besides, monitoring the distribution process also plays important role in ensuring the sending. However, highway infrastructure and high traffic sometimes become big factors that create the problem during the sending,  specifically for the time.

  One of the hindrances for company is the lack of operational monitoring that cause some problems occurred such as the late of product and goods arrived in damage condition.  Integrated information in data center is needed to make the fleet monitoring easier to be done by management. Thus, UC Laboratory Telkom University is trying to develop the integrated information management.

  Head of UC Laboratory,  Dr. Maman Abdurrohman stated “UC Lab is developing the data center to monitor the fleet so that can be controlled through mobile device easily. The implementation of the system is using OpenMTC platform that used for Machine to Machine communication”.

  Dr. Abdurrohman also stated that the monitor can be done through utilizing Geo Positioning System (GPS) signal as the input of transportation and time position, temperature sensor in measuring cabin’s temperature and switch for door sensor. The implementation is using FPGS device which has ARM soft processor and MicroC OS II operational system. The monitoring is started from deciding the position,  temperature information inside the cabin and other sensors, then sending it to the Data Center Server.

  Data receiving process and control signal sending are using OpenMTC platform in server side. One big challenge is the difficulty of information sending when the communication service does not support the process. The solution for the problem is by saving the information temporary in buffer memory to send it later on when the service supports it.

  “It is expected that OpenMTC as the M2M platform can make the communication process from machine to machine efficient. The system is designed transparent for any kinds of sensor and actuator in order to be fit for any cases” as stated by Dr. Abdurrohman.

  He also stated that the data center application can be accessed through various operational systems such as iOS, Android and Win OS. The monitoring system can be developed for monitoring and controlling other devices from long distance, such as BTS monitoring system or home monitoring. Any kind of sensor and actuator can be used.  Clearly, the management system can be controlled remotely so it will be efficient and automatic. UC Laboratory attracts industry partner, PT Chaeron Pokphand Indonesia, to develop the research.

  On October 21st -24th, 2013, Dr. Abdurrohman published the research in International Conference IEEE LCN 2013 in Sydney on the title “Mobile Tracking System on OpenMTC Platform”. The conference was attended by higher education and industrial practitioners such as NEC Corp. from Japan, Lucent Tech. Corp. from Belgia, Fraunhofer FOKUS from Germany, SISCO Australia, Telecognix Corp. from Japan, UNSW Australia, National Institute of Informatics Japan, UIBK Austria,  UWS Australia, Kagoshima University of Japan, and University of Alberta Canada. KOMPRO TEL-U

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