23 Mar 2019

Leader’s Talk 18 : Inclusive Leadership in Digital Transformation

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Being a leader in a company or institution is a very big responsibility. Leaders in today’s era are required to be able to master technology, because leaders who are generation X in average must be able to lead the generation of millenials (Y) or Z generation, whereby those generations are familiar with technology.

Nina Katriana Wirahadikusumah Enterprise Commercial Director of Microsoft Indonesia shared her experiences while she was in the board of management of multinational software company that produced a variety of products and services related to computers.

The experience was shared to hundreds of Telkom University students at Leader’s Talk Episode 18 event with the theme Inclusive Leadership in Digital Transformation. The event was held on Thursday (3/21) at Damar Building Auditorium Telkom University.

The annual event organized by International Class Academic Office (ICAO) unit of Telkom University aims as a sharing event by corporate leaders, state leaders who inspire students and the entire academic community of Telkom University.

In this occasion, Nina Katriana Wirahadikusumah shared her story of how Nina learned about current cultural changes, and why Inclusive Leadership is needed.

“Right now, me and maybe leaders in any company must experience technological change, the technology that I experienced at the start of my career was different from now, those factors that make us have to change, change personally and change culturally. We cannot continue the same as 10 years ago because it will make us left behind, “she said.

About Digital Transformation Nina added that technological changes also make a company have to compete with companies that are not even in the same field.

“We take the example, Microsoft company now has to compete to get talented programmers with companies that are not even engaged in software, it is due to industry changes, where everything is based on digital, therefore through this forum I invite all students here to continue to learn, continue to improve your abilities and continue to think positively, because whatever you learn now will be needed by the world in the future. ” she said.

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