Leader’s Talk and Launching of CeLOE LMS Tel-U & CeLOE OCW Tel-U on Play Store (2)
14 Dec 2020

Leader’s Talk and CeLOE LMS & OCW Launching on Play Store

Telkom University – Telkom University as the No.1 Best Private University in Indonesia organized the 4th Leader’s Talk series entitled “Authentic Leadership in the Time of Crisis for a Great Indonesia”. This activity also held the inauguration of CeLOE Mobile LMS and CeLOE OCW Tel-U. This activity was held on Saturday (12/12) online through the ZOOM Meeting and broadcast live on YouTube Telkom University.

The Covid-19 outbreak has affected many sectors of human life. However, experts say that this condition cannot fully blame for the Covid-19 outbreak. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people panicked and no one had prepared their business properly. Many took it lightly by assuming that the pandemic’s third quarter would be over. But now, gradually, many business ventures have begun to adapt and prepare businesses to survive in times of crisis. Moreover, entering the third quarter of the Covid-19 outbreak has also not been completed, and many predict that this outbreak will further extend to the fourth quarter.

Experts assess the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the outbreak of Covid-19 have accelerated digital transformation in all business sectors and our daily activities. Therefore, accurate steps are needed in every leader of institutions and companies in this digital era so that a company and institution can have the capacity to deal with problems, overcome various difficulties and find solutions in the era of digital disruption, and welcome national economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya as the Rector of Telkom University explained that the implementation of this Leader’s Talk is an opportunity for us together to discuss and share about leadership. This is an arena of inspiration for all of us because each individual is a leader at least for himself.

“We cannot lead others if we cannot lead ourselves, therein lies that every leader becomes a role model in their environment. This year’s Leader’s Talk brings a speaker who is a digital talent from Indonesia and Insha Allah. This is in line with what the President said that Indonesia needs 9 million digital talents in the next 15 years and this is one of the responsibilities of the university, “he said.

When an organization is trying to change from a manual process to a comprehensive digital platform, of course, it requires an extraordinary leadership strategy, which affects the company in the long term. Digital transformation certainly requires significant changes in processes and procedures in an organization and requires all employees to understand how these changes can impact them. This condition certainly requires leaders who can create and provide change and can inspire others to see change positively.

The Leader’s Talk presented a speaker, Muhamad Fajrin Rasyid, as the Chief Digital Innovation Officer of Telkom Indonesia. Talking about leadership in this digital era, Fajrin explained that the economy is moving towards digital.

“If we talk now, the digital economy in 2020 is still at $ 44 B. But in just 5 years, this figure is projected to grow to $ 124.1 B or grow about 3 times. If we don’t take advantage of this digital economy, what will happen is that the value of this growth will of course be utilized by others, “he said.

Not only the digital economy, but the digital talent is also currently lacking so that Indonesian technology companies are recruiting many digital talents from outside. When viewed from the 2020 Digital Competitive Index, in almost all aspects of talent, training and regulations are still in a low position.

“The important skill we learn now is the skill to want and be able to learn new skills quickly and well. Given the current situation is very fast-changing and we must remain relevant following the times. “

A leader must have clear goals and a big vision. Continuous improvement is also needed to have a growth mindset so that we can be relevant and at the forefront of following existing digital developments.

Telkom University is very concerned about education and has been present to provide solutions in the teaching and learning process. Of course, it is in line with the direction of the government regarding the Merdeka Merdeka Learning Campus. Telkom University has created a Learning Management System that has been integrated and provides convenience for lecturers and students, namely CeLOE Mobile LMS & OCW Tel-U. This application launching was inaugurated directly by the Rector of Telkom University and it is hoped that this application can provide benefits for all.

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