23 Mar 2021

Leader’s Talk with Biofarma’s CEO: Learning to Make Decisions Is Important

Leader’s Talk bersama CEO Biofarma: Belajar Mengambil Keputusan Itu PentingTelkom University back with another Leader’s Talk online on Tuesday (23/3). This event invited a great resource person to provide interesting explanations and material for the audience. It is collaboration between the International Class and the Directorate of Postgraduate & Advanced Learning (PSAL) Telkom University, also collaborates with the media partner, Pikiran Rakyat.

This Leader’s Talk invited the CEO of PT. Biofarma, Honesti Basyir. He presented material about Leadership during the Pandemic Period. He also an alumnus of Telkom University when the College of Business Management several years ago.

This activity was opened by the Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya who listens to the presentation enthusiastically.

“We are leaders for ourselves; in this case hopefully we can get sharing about leadership from him and work together to build this nation to be even better, “said the Rector.

As a leader, Bashir said that we need to be able to make decisions and learn to be responsible for those decisions. Throwing decisions because we are afraid, according to him, is not a wise thing.

“I always tell my team, if you are wrong I will understand. But if you are afraid, that is the biggest weakness and it is difficult to understand. “Said Basyir.

Responding to the question of vaccination in Indonesia, Basyir also made several major decisions in his journey such as agreeing to cooperate with foreign vaccine products to quickly protect Indonesians from the covid-19 virus.

“Our intention is for Indonesia to immediately receive protection from vaccines. We are desperate but calculating. We have mastered the technology of Sinovac products, we have the same platform (Sinovac). If later there is a risk, stay measurable. The supply of this vaccine is still small, but the demand is very high. If we don’t decide, other countries will get the vaccine first. That is our mystical atmosphere at biopharma. “

Basyir’s decision seems to get result, based on OurWorldData survey data, Indonesia is the leading country in providing vaccinations. To this day our vaccination rate is 300,000 per day from the initial 10,000 per day.

“We need to make decisions; otherwise that’s not a good thing. A leader needs to have Flexibility in matters of uncertainty. Also has inspiration for the opportunities that come. “

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