11 Jun 2015

Learning Innovation on Digital Era

BANDUNG, TEL-U – The presence of information technology and communications gave birth many innovations, including education. The use of technology in education allow the learning process without any personal interface between students and lecturers. Even today began to appear websites that offer online learning.

Not only on official websites, and even now it is the era in which everyone shares their knowledge in cyberspace through social media, blogs, forums, and others. “More and more people shared their knowledge, the more people that will enhance the science, more good science,” said Prof. Ir. Tian Belawati, M.Ed., Ph.D.pada National Seminar and Workshop Association Management Program Indonesia (APMMI) at the Faculty of Economics and Business Telkom University (FEB Tel-U), Wednesday (3/6).

Along with it, said Tian, people began to recognize MOOC, or Massive Open Online Courses that have begun to be applied at various universities around the world. Prof. Tian tells MOOC first appeared in 2008. “It was Stephen Downes and George Siemens who first made an online course which later became the forerunner of distance learning,” he said.

Four years later, in 2012, said Tian, be MOOC year, because this year many websites have sprung up online courses such as coursera and EDX.

MOOC presence can be an alternative medium of learning in which students do not need to be face to face with the lecturer. “MOOC usually not only offer free courses, but also implement a pay system because students will get a certificate.” He said.

Prof. Tian said profits for the university to apply MOOC among others, can be used to promote a global university, because MOOC allow the university can be seen and followed by all the people around the world. “Therefore, many universities that implement online learning into their strategic plans,” he said. (FEB / tyas)

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