19 Aug 2015

Lecturer of FIK joined Pitt Monochrome Workshop

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Faculty of Creative Industries (FIK) seemed enthusiastic attended Pitt Monochrome workshop in Faber Castell Workshop in the FIK Hall 4th floor, Tuesday (4/8). Pitt Monochrome is one of Faber Castell products that can be used to make the illustration in order to look more textured illustration. In this workshop, Indonesian comic artist Sweta Kartika demonstrated Pitt Monochrome by making a comic character illustration.

“Some kind of Pitt Monochrome which can be used in between Aquarelle Graphite, Charcoal, Artist Pen, Pastel and Oil Base Pencils,” said Farisya, Product Executive Faber Castell.

According to him, Graphite Aquarelle is ideal for creating classic shades painting with watercolor technique, preliminary sketches and mixed media. While Charcoal color durability and high color pigments.

“Faber Castle also presents 58 color options for Pitt Artist Pen which uses India ink types. Illustrator can freely choose according to the required thickness, the size of extra lines Superfine, Superfine, fine, medium, brush, big brush, calligraphy, metallic, soft brush and soft chisel, “said Farisya.

The workshop participants also directly tried to make illustrations with Pitt Monochrome. Three best work illustrations awarded by Faber Castell presented by FIK Dean, Dr. Agus Achmad Suhendra, MT. The best illustration award gave to Bambang, Surya Putra and Andreas Handoyo. (Purel / risca)

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