10 Jan 2017

Lecturer Require to Understand Educational Psychology

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Educating students during the learning process is one of Tridaharma of Higher Education, is not enough to rely on teaching materials. More than that, they need a strong understanding of psychology so that the lecturer able to address the academic and non-academic issues.

This was stated by Education Development Division Manager Telkom University (Tel-U), Dr. Majidah in the middle of KKNI Based Instructional Skills Training (National Qualifications Framework Indonesia) which is held in Graha Cacuk Sudarjanto Building, Monday (09/01/2017).

“The professor is not necessarily understand the psychological aspect, in fact teaching is not merely presenting the material, but should be able to face the problems of children both academic and non-academic. Those are become the reasons why this event is held for, “he said.

BPP training in cooperation with Human Resources Development Section (Bang SDM) was intended for new and prospective permanent lecturer to be able to implement the Tridharma universities on learning process. “Development of lecturer is usually reserved for the new lecturer, or lecturer candidates remain. But it can also be used for the development of lecturers to be able to apply the three responsibilities of Higher Education, “he said.

According to her, some achieved target in the training are included cultivate and develop the competence of lecturer, developing innovative learning, understanding the psychology of education, and to improve the academic and organizational commitments for the lecturers.

To achieve these four goals, this training invites a number of speakers who are competent in their field. They are Professor of Educational Psychology UPI, Prof. Uman Suherman, Lecturer of ITS & Team Curriculum Research and Technology Higher Education, Syamsul Arifin, Vice Rector 1 Tel-U, Dr Heroe Wijanto, Academic Director, Christanto Triwibisono, and Head of Master of Management Tel-U is also an expert HR, Ratri Wahyuningtyas.

“Lecturer Tel-U is expected to teach well, manage students, develop learning, and has a commitment to his profession as a lecturer also citizens of Tel-U,” said MAJIDAH.

Abdullah Adnan

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