Living Cost around Telkom University

The average cost of living required students in general are divided into three sections, namely:

Meal cost. Cost of the meal was very varied, depending on what menu that is eaten by the students and in which areas the student residence. But the average tariff of Rp student meal. 10,000 – Rp 15,000. Students usually eat 2 twice a day ( breakfast and lunch ). For the monthly fee for a meal around Rp. 900,000.
Transportation costs. For students who have a place to stay away from the campus usually use public transport. For transportation in the city of Bandung, the highest rates ranging between Rp 5,000 – Rp. 6000 to the majors. As for the students who live on campus are usually able to walk, tentungan This will greatly save monthly expenses. But there are also students who use private vehicles, takes approximately Rp. 200,000 for vehicle fuel costs.
Surcharge (unexpected). Additional costs may include the cost of copy, print, purchase of books, clothes, entertainment and hospital costs. Unforeseen needs such as this usually costs around Rp 300,000

For it with a detailed cost breakdown above, students generally require a monthly fee of about Rp.1.400.000 and annual fees for boarding around Rp.5.000.000 – Rp.10.000.000


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