28 Apr 2014

Students’ Enthusiasm in ‘Samsung Comes to Tel-U’ Seminar and Workshop

BANDUNG, TEL-U– Tens students of Telkom University were so enthusiastic when they followed the Samsung Comes to Tel-U seminar and workshop which held full-day on last Saturday (5th April). The event itself took place in the Gedung Serba Guna (GSG) Telkom University, and presents Digital Service Specialization and Content Specialist of PT. Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Amon Sabara and Aly Sangadjie, Program Developer of SRIN.

During the workshop, participants’ enthusiasm was considerably quite high. It was also caused by the factor that most of the participants were interested with program creations and developments. But, the amount of seminar’s participants that was not so high compared with the workshop’s participants became one thing that was quite regrettable.

Actually, the committees targeted 100 people for the workshop participants. But, there were only 64 participants that appeared in the workshop. Believed that target was unaccomplished caused by the participants’ registration that was limited for 100 registrants only.  It was contrast with the numbers of seminar’s participants that reached 240 people.

“In fact, what had been happen in Telkom University for so long is, when there were 200 people register themselves, then usually those who confirmed their attendance and surely shown up on the D-Day is only 50 percents from the total registrants. Therefore, for the next events, if the registration is still using this completely similar system, then the committee would need to set the registrants numbers like two or three times of the real target,” said Chief Executive of the event, Kemas Rahmat SW.

Nevertheless, this case did not discourage the participants’ spirit to keeping up with the event. Overall, the event ran successfully. With one note for sure, it needs to fix the setting of participants’ numbers that register for the event.

“I hope that this event could raise a higher interest to the students of Informatics Faculty in exploiting mobile technology in general, and particularly the technology that offered by Samsung,” he said. (Bagus, KomPro/raf)

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