06 Oct 2015

Master the SAP, Ready to compete

BANDUNG, TEL-U – ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) allows unrestricted flow of labor. It can be an opportunity or a challenge. The challenge, foreign workers could enter Indonesia. While chances, Indonesia’s human resources could also work in other ASEAN countries. Responding to the challenges and opportunities, students should prepare themselves to face the competition. One of them with the SAP certification program.

According to the Education Account Manager SAP, Tan Soon Leong, it’s been more than 40 years of SAP contributes to the business world. Until now, the customer SAP has reached 291 thousand spread across 190 countries. SAP continues to evolve as the development of information and communication technology in the world.

“Students can take advantage of SAP Learning-Hub, a cloud-based learning platform. Virtual learning are offered here allows students to collaborate, practice exercises and tests virtually, “said Tan at the International Seminar on SAP.

He added SAP to student learning begins with learning step business processes in SAP ERP. Then the student can choose a specific field of specialization among Finance, Logistics or Distribution Sales. After that the student will get a certificate of SAP.

At the seminar, the Vice Rector IV Tel-U Dr. M. Yahya Arwiyah, SH., MH said, certification will rise a ‘selling points’ of personal.

“Company prefers a more skilled employees to support its business. Certification support ‘selling points’ a person in order to quickly obtain employment. Certification can be equipped to achieve your career dreams, “Yahya said.

SAP International Seminar on the theme ‘How Start Your Career with SAP in South East Asia’ in the Multimedia Room Learning Centre, Wednesday (16/9). The seminar was held by Telkom Professional Certification Centre. – Purel / Risca

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