Menteri Ristek/BRIN Tinjau Produk Inovasi Tel-U
08 Dec 2020

Minister of Research and Technology and Innovation /BRIN Reviews Tel-U Innovation Products

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University is the only private university that achieved awards in innovation for 3 consecutive years, namely Widyapadhi in 2018 and 2019 for the category of innovation management. In 2020, Telkom University also achieved a prestigious award from the Ministry of Research and Technology (Kemenristek) & National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) at the Indonesian Innovation Award for the Innovation Management category.

Through various innovations produced by Telkom University, it has attracted the attention of the Minister of Research and Technology / Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency Prof. Bambang PS Brodjonegoro, Ph.D., to make a visit, and review the innovation products produced by Telkom University.

On this occasion, Telkom University exhibited at least 22 innovative products at the Bandung Technopark Building, Tuesday (8/12).

Twenty-two innovative products on display by Tel-U include AUMR (Autonomous UVC Mobile Robot), Implementation of Quadcopter Type Semi-Autonomous Drone for logistics delivery and disinfectant spraying, Doctor Representative Robot (Doper), Design and Implementation of Low Cost Ventilator PAPR, Mobile Application Tel-U Wellness Center, Sterilizer Tunnel For Office, and so on.

On the occasion the Minister said that the innovation developed at Telkom University has been excellent. As a private university, Tel-U has special attention in research and innovation, therefore Tel-U as the only private university is successfully entered independence cluster.

“After we saw the results of the innovation, Tel-U is consistent with the strengths of Tel-U, namely telecommunications technology and also moves in digital technology, and this is in line with what we encourage as the basis of future research and innovation.” He explained.

In addition, the Minister added that what we appreciated was in the startup field, many new startups were being developed at Telkom University. Tel-U is not only encourages students to produce startups but also acts as an incubator.

“Here we see Tel-U acting as an incubator, starting from upstream, such as ideas, proposals, maturing technology to producing a company to raising the startup itself, we advise Tel-U to stay focused on digital, industry and focus on producing entrepreneur in the future. “He explained.

Responding to this, the Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya expressed his gratitude to Menristek BRIN for the willingness to visit Telkom University campus. According to him, this was an appreciation from the Minister for the innovations produced at Tel-U.

“Thanks to the Minister for his visit, all the innovations produced by Telkom University are Tel-U’s commitment to the Indonesia development, and to continue providing the best innovation products in the world.” He explained.

Prof. Adiwijaya added that based on Telkom University’s vision to become a research and entrepreneurial university, Telkom University researchers are not only to produce quality research, but that research must lead to innovations that can provide benefits to society.

“We, as higher education, have a variety of global achievements, not just for fun, but more than that, it is Tel-U’s commitment to provide the best quality education in the future, because through higher education the superior generation aspires to this nation will be born. “He explained.

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