03 Nov 2013

Monita Sitanggang From Passion to Fashion

BANDUNG TEL-U- Monita Sitanggang has a fabulous hobby in mixing and matching clothes that leads her to have a future idea on fashion industry. Her inspiring designer is Tex Saverio, a young and outstanding designer. For Monita, Tex Saverio has given many inspiration and innovation for other designers.

  Creative Thinking is very needed in fashion industry. Fashion designers are sort of innovator in particular fashion’s seasons. “Someday,  I will have my own fashion brand in fashion industry” Monita stated in the interview. She also stated that she learnt many things about fashion in Kriya Tekstil Mode, including the various types of fabric and the way to modify it.

  In De-Syukron 2013 exhibition, Monita won an award as the Most Favorite in Kreasi Sarung Tenun Majalaya Competition. The competition contains 45 minutes modifying linenfabric. Linenis a cultural heritage which has beauty and elegance in its pattern.

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