06 May 2015

Moosh Application Squire Sisfo One Won 2nd Place in Vocomfest 2015

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Students Faculty of Industrial Engineering (FRI) Tel-U successfully gain achievement in the national competition Vocomfest 2015 organized by the University of Gajah Mada, Saturday (4/4). Through Sisfo One Team, Tel-U won the second prize in Mobile Apps Development Competition (MADC) category. Sisfo One is composed Arief Rachman Hartadi (Information Systems), Abdul Aziz (Information Systems), and Muhammad Widyan Riadhi Fakhrun (Information Systems).
In this competition, Sisfo One presents an innovation called Moosh. Moosh itself is an application that connects owners of non-organic waste to the people who need trash, especially the trash crafter. The crafter will be able to juggle non-organic waste into valuable items.
Moosh applications included in the social media category and allows users to interact straightly. The process was quite easy. When user has non-organic waste, the user can put the application in the form of photographs. After appearing in Moosh, trash can be seen by other Moosh users. If anyone is interested, then after that can do the transaction process between users.
On the hand of creative person, the waste can be transformed in accordance with the wishes of its users, for example as raw material craft. “When it became a craft item, the user also can promote the craft use the application,” said Arief.
In addition, to increase the spirit of non-organic waste distribution and also the spirit to produce creative things, this application are then also features the award. For example, The Most Usefull Seconhand, which is a tribute to the garbage that frequently used. Then there is award for the Most Upload for users who often distributes garbage. There is also an award for The Most Favorite Craft for the most popular users. These awards are determined by the administrator of this application based on ratings, reviews, and comments obtained from each of these categories.
In addition to distributing the garbage, this application is also useful to create a clean and healthy environment that is free from litter. Also because of the feature to display the craft, this application is also expected to increase the creativity of the user community, especially Moosh to change the non-organic waste into a valuable craft item.
According to Arief, the application is started from a big task from one of his courses. “We think why not to bring this idea is not only for the task, but also can be used to help the society “, he said. (Purel / EAD)

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