10 Jun 2015

More Than Two Thousand Students Ready to Participate in Rehearsal

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Before entering the real world of industry, students Telkom University (Tel-U) must follow the rehearsal to add to the experience. Related to this, a team of Basic and General Class Program (PPDU) Tel-U do the debriefing to all participants of rehearsal 2015 in the Hall of the Faculty of Applied Science (FIT), Thursday (28/5).

Rehearsal is an exercise that is carefully designed to create a certain work experience for students, conducted in an atmosphere of learning. The goal is that students have practical experience in accordance with the program of study each and have a real picture about the work environment, starting from the bottom up to a higher level.

Vice Rector Dr. Heroe Wijanto, Ir., MT say, a rehearsal is one of the curriculum as the embodiment of the program’s link and match between education and industry. Rehearsal will be held for six weeks, starting on 1 June – 10 July 2015. The number of participants this year rehearsals are 2,200 participants from various faculties and departments.

Warek hope students can undergo this rehearsal process to the maximum. “We hope that you bring a good identity, to build a winning character Tel-U graduates. Give good contribution to the company where you work, “he said.

According to him, the participants could feel the rehearsal work started from the lowest point. “It must be you are feeling, so that later when you become a leader, you’ve never tasted and struggling working from the lowest level. Good-bye, children, “said Heroe Wijanto before closing this event. (Purel / sarah)

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