11 Jun 2015

Murali: Make Time to Write

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Professors from Malaysia, Prof. Murali Raman appealed lecturer of Telkom University (Tel-U) to take advantage of the best time with writing activities. “When we can write journals and publish it? There is no other word besides utilize the available time. Do not waste time because it’s not waiting for us, “he said.

Murali statement is delivered to tens of lecturers from the Faculty of Communication and Business and the Faculty of Economics and Business (FKB and FEB) in the sharing session event held in the 4th floor FKB’s Hall, Kawalusu Building, Monday (1/6). Murali presented the theme “Sharing Session in removing the barriers publishing scholarly Work”.

According to Murali, often professors or researchers reasoned there was no time to write. In fact, he said, every occasion can be used to write. “Even when facing traffic jam, we could use the time to write. Looking for a research idea, design a list of questions to interview informants in our research, “he said.

This event was opened by the Dean of Faculty, Ir. Dodie Tricahyono, MM., Ph.D. He expected this session could broaden the lecturer to develop the technique of writing articles that could be published in the journal primarily on three components: What, Why and How. “Hopefully, this session can increase the motivation of the participants,” he said. Before the event started, Dean FKB, Dr. Jafar Sembiring, gave souvenirs to the speaker.

Prof Murali Raman has three master’s degree before achieved his PhD. The man who was born in Indonesia have had an experience as industry’s practitioners before leaving to jump into the world of education. “Previously, I felt no experience in socializing because of busyness. Finally I decided to become academician because education world can give freedom in time, “he said.

Besides Prof Murali Raman, Ph.D., also attended in this event Dr Chew Kok Wai (Assoc. Prof.) who shared the tips in writing and publish to international journals. “Choose a theme study, among others, based on the consideration that a large impact and urgency needs that require solutions,” he said. (Purel / raf)

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