15 Jun 2016

Netty Heryawan Invited Students to Build Network Against Violence

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Head of Integrated Services Center for Women and Children (P2TP2A) West Java, Dr. Hj. Netty Heryawan Prasetiyani invited Indonesian students to build a network in the fight against violence against women that has been exist in Indonesia.

“May we have a concept of self intact to build appropriateness in the context of capacity, knowledge, attitudes, and choices of action, including active in social activities and confident to build the network,” she said.

Netty statement delivered in front of the delegation students from Student Executive of Indonesia (BEM SI) which held a national consolidation of women BEM SI in Hall of the School of Creative Industry Telkom University (FIK Tel-U). The theme “Smart Women Against Violence in Indonesia Emergency Women and Children” was held for two days from June 13 to 14, 2016.

According to him, in Law number 23 of 2004 mentioned any act against someone, especially women misery or suffered physical, sexual, psychological, and or negligence of household reffered threat to commit an act of coercion, deprivation of liberty unlawfully within the domestic sphere, it’s called the violence.

“Crimes against women is like a tree of violence, while the trigger factors such as alcohol, pornography and so on, it is the root of sexual harassment, violence and abuse,” she said.

West Java DPRD members at once women activists Hj. Diah Nurwitasari also attended this event. Diah invited the participants to criticize, to think, find the solutions and idea as well as thought so that the problems such as violence against women can be quickly resolved.

Coordinator for BEM SI region of West Java, M. Guntur Purwanto explained that there are three tagline fighting spirit that inflamed by Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection. “To put an end to cases of violence against women, an end to cases of economics discrimination to women, and an end to cases human trafficking,” he said.

Rector of Tel-U, Prof. Ir. Mochamad Ashari, M.Eng., Ph.D said that Indonesia women had extraordinary power. Data from each of HRD in large enterprises and State-Owned Enterprises in Indonesia that more than 50 percent in large enterprises and SOEs was women.

“I believe that women in Indonesa were able to solve the problem of violence against women because Indonesia women has extraordinary power,” he said.

Rector hopes that from this event the heroine voice will be heard and can develop policies that were able to end violence against women in Indonesia. “Hopefully, our actions today will take a step to complete all three tagline which was mentioned by Guntur Purwanto earlier,” he said. (purel/aw)

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